About Us

One of the key objectives of this site is to reach out to Fantes in Diaspora to cross-fertilise ideas to preserve our rich cultural heritage including the language itself. It is envisaged that unless the trend is reversed, Fante, our prestigious dialect of Akan shall have become extinct after 2 generations from now. Most Fantes in Diaspora hardly speak the language to their offsprings. One remedial action is learning, reading and listening to Fante-based literature. A big help in this regard is the now freely circulating translation of the Biblical New Testament in Fante, courtesy of Faith Comes By Hearing Ministries in New Mexico, USA.

To nurture and protect the social well-being of members and their families and together, advance the cause of peaceful co-existence with all other communities in NSW.

To strive and create a future full of hope and happiness and one that ensures respect, fair-go and provides a voice for our members.

INITIATIVE: “We walk the talk” – we do what we say,
TEAM WORK: We love to work together,
INTEGRITY: We are honest and ethically principled,
“SERVICE” : we serve our members and wherever a need arises that we can assist.

The “Mboa” in the community’s name simply means “help or assistance” while “Kuw” is “society, group or association.” Abiding truly by its name, MMK Sydney rallies to provide assistance to its members in times of joy and need. The group reaches out to the larger Aussie community among others things, showcasing rich multi-cultural diversity via performances at various cultural festivals.

Our Team

Meet The Team

Meet the Executive team; the experienced and efficient team that runs the affairs of our  organisation.

Mr. I. Kwamena Acquah


Mrs. Joana Bortey

Vice President

Mrs. Caroline Afful


Mr. Charles Dentu-Nkrumah


Visit us at:
  8 Carlton St., Granville NSW 2142
– Last Sun each month except Dec.
Call us:
Mrs. Caroline Afful,
Secretary, +61 400 114 223
Mrs. Joana Bortey,
Vice Prez, +61 415 603 347